What is SkyLifter?

SkyLifters are aircraft with unique capabilities.

Payload can be 7 times more than the largest helicopter. Flight times are measured in weeks. Geo-stationary hovering in still or moving air, without carbon emissions.

Presenting a family of multi-rotor omni-directional eVTOL airships that share a single, scalable design concept.


Aerial Crane & Cargo

A heavy-lifting aerial crane and cargo lugger.

Genuine eVTOL capability for hard-to-access areas.

Perfect for flying 30 to 150 tonnes of oversize, fragile or indivisible payloads, to or from anywhere.


Aerial Caravan

A super yacht above super yachts.

Sustainable, self contained living in the sky.

Perfect for surviving the end of the world.


Aerial Canvasser

An environment friendly eVTOL with very long endurance.

Easy, relaxed, low-cost flying with a very spacious payload deck.

Perfect for news-gathering, interdiction, and sporting fun.

How it works – practical, thought-through, and commercially viable

Our aim is to enable sustainable, environmentally-friendly access to the air space.

The Design, Manufacture, Con-Ops and MRO of SkyLifters is fully thought-through; we have tested with prototypes. We focus on creating practical and commercially viable structures that can float endlessly in the sky, like ships float endlessly on the ocean.

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CEO of SkyLifter

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