What is SkyLifter?

SkyLifters are GREENECOLOW CARBONELECTRICPRACTICAL aircraft with unique capabilities.

Taking over where helicopters leave off – carrying over 7 times more than the largest helicopter.

SkyLifter Ltd is the lead in a collaboration of companies bringing this capability to market.

Aerial Crane

Payloads from 3 to 100 tonne; a heavy-lifting aerial crane and cargo lugger.

Genuine eVTOL capability for hard-to-access areas; perfect for flying oversize, fragile or indivisible payloads, to or from anywhere.

Clever Design

Established airship technologies, but with clever new arrangements…

SkyLifters are omni-directional; the innovative propulsion can push in any direction and the load distribution is symmetrical.

Clean Tech

Designed with solar power for electric propulsion and practical handling.

SkyLifter’s environmental impact – from manufacture to end-of-life – is carefully designed to be in harmony with our environment.

How it works

Our aim is to create sustainable, environmentally-friendly ships that can float endlessly in the sky…

…and make them as commercially viable as ships floating endlessly on the ocean.

Answers to frequently asked questions about the core technology can be found here.

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