What is SkyLifter?

Creating a way for everyone to fly without damaging the sky.
Based on the lighter-than-air principle of flight, where the flying is actually floating.
It is a curious marriage of maritime and aerospace engineering.

The SkyLifter product is a safe, solar-electric aircraft that flies genuinely sustainably, providing endless flight with large or heavy payloads.
They can be shown to offer high-margin returns for operators and investors by filling gaps in existing markets.
We now seek further investment to help us capitalise on prototyping breakthroughs and win this opportunity to fly green.

Aerial Crane

Genuine eVTOL capability for hard-to-access places.

Payloads to 25 tonne and perfect for oversize or fragile items.

Clever Design

A marriage of aviation and maritime technologies.

Innovative omni-directional design delivers symmetrical stability.


Light-footed and in harmony with the sky.

Designed with electric propulsion and practical handling.

How it works

Lighter-than-air technology holds the promise of sustainable, environmentally-friendly, endless floating in the sky, but mastering it is not easy. There are reasons why the skies are empty of airships.

Commercially viable aircraft need to practical to make and to use, and most importantly, every aspect of them needs to be safe.

AOCs and Investors, please contact us directly using the email or phone detail below.

Some answers to frequently asked questions about the core technology can be found here.

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