What are SkyLifters?


Designed to lower the costs of creating and maintaining infrastructure by overcoming the limitations of land-crane access and of helicopter payload capabilities.

Based on the lighter-than-air principle of flight, SkyLifters are a curious marriage of maritime and aerospace engineering. They offer high-margin returns for operators by filling large gaps in existing and growing markets.

We are investing in partnerships to help us bring SkyLifters to market and win this opportunity to fly green.

It’s genuine greentech

Aerial Crane

Genuine eVTOL capability for hard-to-access places.

Payloads up to 250 tonnes and perfect for oversize or fragile items.


Natural stability from a low centre-of-gravity and symmetrical loading.

Active stability from the omni-directional thrusters.


In harmony with the environment. Naturally NetZero.

Designed with electric propulsion and practical handling.

How it works

Lighter-than-air technology holds the promise of sustainable, environmentally-friendly, endless floating in the sky, but mastering it is not easy. There are reasons why the skies are empty of airships.

Commercially viable aircraft need to be practical to make and use, and most importantly, every aspect of them needs to be safe.

Air operators and Investors, please contact us directly using the email or phone detail below.

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