Buy / Lease

  • The business of buying or leasing aircraft is complex but not complicated.

Ship-deliveryPlease allow us to guide you.  We invite purchase and lease enquiries from all companies and individuals who wish to know more.  If desired, you may choose to simply have the SkyLifter flown for you on a wet-lease contract, or we can discuss and arrange all the elements of an ownership package, including finance, insurance, training, maintenance and buy-back.

For both private and commercial ownership, please be aware that SkyLifter airships are under development and there is a waiting list for all the aircraft classes.  However, the timeframe on the smaller SkyRover class is the shortest and ownership/operations can be arranged quickly.



  • Please contact us for pricing.

Alpine ResortWe believe our pricing structure is highly competitive with comparable aircraft and will enable the owner/operator to make a healthy and sustainable business.

The capital cost of the aircraft matters to your CFO, but the overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a key driver in the decision making process.  The TCO includes the cost of finance, insurance, personnel, MRO, fuel, and the like.  These items vary considerably depending upon the application of the aircraft and its working environment.  However, we have done our numbers and we believe that the overall cost-performance, of all our proposals, will be more attractive than comparable aircraft for the desired application.


If you are a potential owner or operator, please contact us for pricing and to review the business case.


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