SLB60 1Via a partnership with Airborne Industries, SkyLifter supply and operate tethered aerostat systems.  These are portable systems, ideal for operations where the user has a desire to collect sensor data from a set location and they can be deployed over a long period of time, typically several days or weeks.

For example, if an NGO is administering a refugee camp, they may wish to deploy a sensor that provides an early-warning to detect if disease is starting in one section of the camp so that they can isolate it and prevent it from spreading across the camp.  The aerostat may carry a thermal camera to identify hot-spots among the population.  Another example would be to monitor the darker corners and perimeter of the camp at night, to reduce loss of resources over the fence.

Tethered systems can be reviewed in 3 categories:

  • Short sensor range.  About half the size of the medium system, this product is designed for quick deployment from small vehicle (which makes it highly mobile), but only supports small payloads (similar to a typical quad-copter payload).  This system is useful for NGO’s needing quick situational awareness in hard-to-reach locations. Operator skills are minimal.  Pricing depends highly on the quality of the payload sensors and the up/down data-link.  Indicative pricing is upwards of $50,000.
  • Medium sensor range.  Good all-round performance and therefore a cost-efficient solution.  With volumes of 60m3 to 100m3, these systems can carry sensors that gather useful data up to 1.5 km range.  Also portable and small enough to tether to a seaborne motor yacht.  Competent operators can be trained quickly.  Indicative pricing is upwards of $150,000.
  • Long sensor range.  Aerial platform to carry heavy payloads (high quality sensors) in high winds.  With volumes over 200m3, these systems require skilled operators.  Indicative pricing is upwards of $500,000.  Leasing is available.

Please be aware that all systems are fabricated by experienced, skilled hands and made-to-order and therefore customisable to your specifications.  More information is available for potential operators and owners.

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