Photo of SkyPalaceSkyPalace is a future concept for an aerial cruise liner, where the customer's cruising experience will be taken to an entirely new level, floating effortlessly, over land at low altitude.

The planned habitable area of the SkyPalace is big.  It features a 25 metre diameter accommodation unit offering 2000 sqm of freely-configurable floor-space over five levels.  This includes an outdoor roof terrace where guests may venture out while the SkyPalace cruises majestically over the wonders of the world... perhaps to take an evening stroll in the moonlight after dinner.

For passenger travel and tourism, we have plans presenting the SkyPalace in three configurations:

  • SuperCruiser.  World cruising, with crew to pamper 60 unique guests, travelling the world or hovering over one place.  Personalised to an individual owner's taste, similar to a mega-yacht, but obviously more exclusive, comfortably spacious and able to travel over land with very little noise or vibration.
  • Safari.  Similar to the SuperCruiser but for scheduled long-haul world cruising, like today's sea-going cruise ships - except over land.  The planned configuration could pamper 80 guests over 10 days, for example flying from Paris to Sydney via many of the world's architectural wonders.
  • Trekker.  This configuration is planned to carry large numbers of tourists on sight-seeing day-trips; taking the Sky-Tour rather than the bus-tour or the rail-tour.  For example, this SkyPalace could entertain 600 tourists for a low-cost day-flight from Birmingham to Berlin via Paris.  The flight would feature armchair comfort for all passengers to enjoy the stunning views from the large windows or the outdoor roof terrace.

All these configurations can be fully self-contained, carrying their own fresh water with integrated waste and power systems.  Bear in mind, these aircraft are not designed to fly fast or to replace jet-airliners.  On the contrary, they are designed to enable a similar luxury experience to current sea-voyaging cruises, but with the ability to access points of interest of over land.  There is no cabin pressure, no jet-lag, virtually no vibration and you can go outside to smell the fresh air... during flight.

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Below is a very short video to illustrate the capability



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Indicative specifications

  • SL class = SkyPalace. SL150
  • Aerostat diameter = 150 metre (450 ft)
  • Certification category = Transport
  • Passengers = up to 800 people (if you really want to invite all your friends)
  • Cruise range = over 2,000 km (1,200 miles)
  • Cruise speed = under 80 kmph (50 mph)
  • Cruise altitude = under 3,000m (10,000 ft)
  • Crew = 2 or more people
  • Power = Diesel/Electric/Solar

More information is available for potential operators and owners.

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