SkyLugger... redefines cargo transport to remote regions

" . . . lugging up to 30,000 kg of cargo over long distances, with minimal ground infrastructure at either end. "


SL50-8Our aim with the SkyLugger is to create an aircraft with 'big helicopter' capabilities that can be purchased and operated with lower comparable costs.  The heavy-lift helicopter sector of the market is growing, as demand to access more remote areas with larger payloads is increasing.

For example, we see high demand for this aircraft for freight use in the 'ice-roads' region of northern Canada, possibly as a land bridge across such continents as Africa, or as a supply aircraft for off-shore activities.

  • Large payload.  The SkyLugger will be a low-vibration, stable airship that can carry sensitive payloads of up to 30,000 kg (66,000 lb).  A passenger variant may be provided later.
  • Low costs.  Operators can expect a practical, easily maintained airship with relatively low acquisition and operating costs.  It will be operated by a single pilot, plus an optional two crew members (relief pilot/crane operator and systems engineer for in-flight servicing) with low workloads.  No specialist ground infrastructure will be required for landing and storm mooring.
  • Long range.  It is also designed for long endurance, so the normal cargo payload may be substituted for permanent payload, including additional fuel.  It may serve as a long-range patrol aircraft, enabling unbroken time on duty extending over many days.

Current status

The SkyLugger concept design is ready for development and more information is available for potential operators.

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