What is SkyLifter?

  • SkyLifter is a company developing a family of new airships that share a single design concept, overcoming the issues
    typically associated with traditional 'cigar-shaped' airships.  The fresh design can be scaled in size to service the
    market demand across a range of target industries, as presented below.

    Our aim is to enable sustainable commerce in aerospace. By wisely creating practical and commercially viable airships, that can float endlessly in the sky like ships on the ocean, people can gain sustainable access to real estate above land and sea.

Airships are capable of low flight speeds, long endurance flights and lifting very heavy payloads vertically.

To date, most airships have been cigar shaped.  This shape may be sensible for airport-to-airport freighting, but is not ideal for applications that need to hold a geostationary aerial position to pickup or deliver payloads in variable wind and with minimal ground infrastructure.

Now, there is an opportunity for specifically designed airships to exploit the benefits of these capabilities and thereby capture significant market positions in: Tourism, Resources, Cargo, and Sport aviation.


Aerial Crane

SkyLifter with GN

    • A heavy-lifting aerial crane with genuine VTOL capability for hard-to-access areas.

  • Perfect for flying up to 150,000 kg of oversize, fragile or indivisible payloads, to or from anywhere.

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Aerial Cargo

across forrestsharp

    • For lugging up to 30,000 kg of cargo from site to site, helicopter-style.

  • Optimised for precision pick-up and delivery. High utilisation and low operating costs with 24 hour capability.

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Aerial Canvasser

Aerial Platform1

    • Primarily an endurance aircraft for news-gathering, interdiction, and sporting fun.

  • Easy, low-cost flying and sporting a very spacious flight deck. Good also for commercial activities often done by UAV drones.

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SkyLifter airships use Lighter-than-Air technology to become and remain airborne.  They will be piloted, dirigible gas-balloon types, combining known engineering principles with our own innovations.  Each size and configuration offers the possibility of unique operational capability that is not currently available in the market - for example very long flight or very heavy lifting.

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